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Discover our high-quality blister trays designed for visibility, protection, and customization.

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Discover the diverse packaging offerings tailored to meet your specific needs.


Tailored blister tray solutions that enhance product marketability and allure. Let your brand shine with unique packaging.


Enhanced product security with tamper-evident blister trays. Safeguard your goods with confidence and peace of mind.


Budget-friendly blister tray options that offer both security and practicality. Elevate your packaging without breaking the bank.

Our Story

With over a decade of industry expertise, Huawen excels in providing top-notch blister trays for various sectors, ensuring superior product presentation and protection.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Experience the benefits of working with a packaging partner that prioritizes quality, innovation, and customization.

Visibility Enhancement

Our blister trays are designed to showcase products attractively, attracting customer attention and further boosting sales.

Protection Assurance

Safeguard your products from external elements with our durable blister trays, ensuring quality and integrity throughout shipment and storage.

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